Monday, October 12, 2009


Introducing my most recent creation:

Main Entry: oc·to·el·a·font·i·corn -aka- Monster#2
Pronunciation: \octo-el-a-font-i-corn\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural octoelafonticorns also octoelafonticorn

My newest project is
 making monsters for my niece to give her on each birthday. This handsome fellow was for her first birthday (the other monster in the second to last picture, "Monster #1" was for her literal birth day).

The creation of this guy
required me to make my own pattern, a first for me. Much harder than I expected, and I ended up making a test Octoelafonticorn to see where I needed to revise the pattern, or change fabric types. Monster#1 was hand-sewn and created organically; I did not create a pattern for him before starting. While he came out alright in the end, I decided that I would approach the next monster a little more logically, and arm myself with a sewing machine as well.

Currently, I am working on simplifying the pattern so I can produce a limited run of Octoelafonticorns to sell on Etsy at an affordable price. Or that is the plan, anyways. 

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